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Mountain View Farm

July Goat Snuggles

July Goat Snuggles

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Come relax and enjoy some snuggles with our cute goats and learn all about the unique personalities of goats. You will get up close and personal with our Pygmys and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. There will be lots of time for pictures, play, snuggles and hand feeding the goats during your time.

Includes complimentary goat treats and will be an hour-long session. Minors cannot make reservations to handle a goat alone.  Please keep in mind that our goats will potentially be jumping on you, and some do have little horns to watch out for!

You will be emailed a waiver to sign once you register so keep an eye out for it as you will not be able to visit with the goats without it (1 waiver per person)! You can sign and return it to or bring it the day of.

Kids 2 and under are free

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